Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Hi! Thank you for being here! We just switched from using the Square platform to Shopify. Our hope is that transactions will go smoother on both ends, and it will be easier to shop from social media, for those who follow along there.

I hope to have more pottery available a few times per month, as our schedule allows.

We enjoy working together on custom orders, which can be as simple as a color combination to as specific as a design or cattle brand on a mug. Specific customs that cannot be sold to the general public (ie. cattle brands, designs not already in production) will be subject to a deposit, once the design has been carved, a picture has been approved, and before the piece is fired. Custom order lead time is one month, sometimes quicker. 

Thank you for stopping by! Please consider our pottery for your next gift idea, or new favorite mug!

Karina Krisher 

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